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Dog Water Bottle

Don't let your dog get thirsty! With this Dog Water Bottle, your pet will never again feel the pain of not getting enough water. And you will never have to worry about his drink getting spilled out everywhere. Not only for dogs but also for small animals such as cats and rabbits. Easy & practical to use just fill the bottle with water and press the button whenever your dog is thirsty. It has a leak-proof lock for easy transport and a wrist strap for convenience when you’re out and about. Keeping fresh water for your pet at any time and anywhere. Flip-up leaf veins structure design reinforces pet bottle shape without detracting from its flexible portability. Get yours now while on Sale.

 It keeps your dog hydrated during walks.

It's made of durable and non-toxic ABS material.

Perfect for walks, long trips, traveling with your pet by car/plane/train.

Excessive water can be poured back inside simply by pressing the same button.