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Dog Travel Foldable Poop Scooper

The Dog Travel Foldable Poop Scooper lets you remove dog poop and waste from any surface without using hand effectively. It’s made of high quality, durable plastics & lightweight.  It’s easy to use & perfect for cleaning up dog messes during dog walks and traveling. Simply cover the scoop jaws with a plastic bag and avoid the sensation of picking up any dog waste.  It can be attached easily to leashes, strollers, and belts with included clips. It’s great for picking up the waste of all shapes and sizes from all surfaces. It also makes cleaning up dead rodents or other unwelcome guests easy. Hurry and place your order now while the stocks last!

 Available in assorted colors.

Keep sidewalks and lawns clean.

Easy to use with one-handed operation.

It’s perfect for dog walking, traveling, or camping with your dog.