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Smart Pet Bowl

Do you want your pets to eat the exact amount of food that they need? This Smart Pet Bowl is everything you need! You can monitor the amount of food your pets are consuming on a day to day basis. It does not only monitor your pet’s daily food and water consumption but makes their food and water safe. This bowl offers an accurate weighing with a built-in digital scale to help you see if your pet's food is excessing the amount the veterinarian had advised. This dog food and water bowl are super helpful to you when it comes to making your pets healthy. Almost apply to any kind of food or water, like dry food, meat, moist canned food for cats, dogs, chicken, squirrels. Hurry and place your order now while the stocks last!

 It’s non-skid to avoid moving while your dogs are feeding.

It’s crafted with an anti-overflow design to avoid waste of food.

This cute pet bowl is created to give satisfaction to both you and your pet.

The bowl features a built-in digital scale that converts weight from grams to pounds.